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Third One's A Charm

My fiance and I went back and forth while choosing our venue. While we both have our own style, we still had common goals of what we wanted for our wedding. We wanted a place that has a natural beauty. A place that would be green and beautiful on the outside, yet somewhere warm and tasteful on the inside. 

Our first thoughts were perhaps marrying on his parents property in Pemberton B.C. My fiances father built their family home on this beautiful property with gorgeous landscapes, horses and a view of the mountains that are breathtaking. It was definitely a great option, but the resources were not fully there so we decided to keep looking.

Our second choice was a venue we found in North Vancouver. It is actually a beautifully restored and refurbished BC Ferry Ship located near Lonsdale Quay. The biggest attraction we found with this venue was the panoramic view of the downtown city skyline along with the North Shore Mountains. The venue itself was private and serine. It has attributes that both my husband to be and myself adored, but it still did not feel like the perfect fit for us. 

Our third choice struck us as soon as we parked in the beautiful driveway. Filled with flowers, remarkable stone structures and this heritage house that makes you swoon once you see it. We both smiled because we knew that neither of us had to compromise. It had the home feel with natural life surrounding the property that was important to my fiance. It has the classic feel that compliments my tastes in the perfect way I imagined our wedding venue would. We toured the venue inside and out and neither of us wanted to look any further. We decided right then and there that we were going to get married at Cecil Green Park House on May 13th, 2017