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One Million Times Yes ~ Our Engagement Story

It was the most random day. July 17, 2015. My boyfriend got a call from his boss saying he got the day off. It was right in the middle of wedding season and I was working so much, I jumped at the opportunity to clear my schedule and take the day off with him. So I did, and we thought to make the most of it.  We went to the one place in Vancouver B.C. that always seems to be quiet and peaceful. We just seem to luck out every time we go there and for the past three years it has been our spot! Our place to go, where we overlook the ocean and just breathe in the salt water air alone. We went to Lighthouse Park. 

I started getting ready and I heard him ruffling around in our kitchen. He was cutting up a bunch of vegetables to take with us, filling up water bottles of white wine and packing beers into his backpack. Not going to lie, I was ecstatic. Healthy snacks, white wine, ocean and just him and I. Oh and of course our little dog Kokanee. 

When we got there, again we were all alone. We spread out our blanket, put on some music and just hung out. Two hours, a few drinks and a lot of laughs later, that was when he did it. 

He took my phone and put on my favourite slow song. He then said "Jen, I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I looked at him and kind of laughed but told him how I felt. I told him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him too. 

That was when he got up, and started to pull something out of his back pack. To be honest I thought nothing of it. I had zero idea what was coming next. But then he pulled out a little white box and he was down on one knee, facing me. He opened that little white box and there was the most perfect ring I had ever seen. He said "Jennifer, will you spend the rest of your life with me?" Tears started spilling down my cheeks as this rush of love, electricity and joy surged through me. And I only had one answer...

One million times YES!