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A Wish to Wed Society

When I first heard of A Wish to Wed Society I felt so lucky that I personally knew the people who created this Non-Profit Organization. Tanja and Jelger. A married couple who share a passion in photography and express their passion through each photo they take. Kim Trehan. An inspiring  entrepreneur of so many things and an amazing mentor to me and I am sure to so many others.  Neet Aujla. A makeup artist and hair stylist who turns beauty into absolutely stunning with her techniques and tastes. And last but not least Tianna Tran. Another passionate makeup artist who uses her skills to make people feel beautiful, inside and out. 

These five entrepreneurs created A Wish to Wed Society together. And that society grants matrimonial wishes to couples challenged by deteriorating health of one of its partners. Whether its a wedding or a vow renewal, together they plan fundraisers throughout the year to ensure one couple has something amazing like this to smile about. 

Recently they have asked me to help them in the planning process. Not only was it an honor but it is also heart wrenching to see them strive to grant each couples wish and show their positive attitudes while planning to create funds for a wedding that is not their own, but for someone else. What could be more selfless than that?

I am going to ask all my readers for a favor. And I hope you all take the time to do this favor for me as it will be so small but mean so much to them who are trying to do better for others

1) Go to their Facebook Page: A Wish to Wed and like them. 

2) Go to their website: and take a look at their upcoming events. Fab 50's is coming up on June 12th and you know what? I can guarantee its going to be a) a rewarding experience and b) a party you won't want to miss. ~ xoxo