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The Cuddle Kit

When it comes to gift shopping for my other half, it seems to be hit or miss on whether its a piece of cake or if I am roaming through the mall and searching every store for the perfect gift.  Sometimes I know in advance (mainly because he has specifically told me). Sometimes I see something on Pinterest and I'm like YES! Thats it!!! But most times, I am at loss and wish I could just wrap our puppy up and say SURPRISE. However, not only is that animal cruelty but he would also assume its a joke and I would be back to square one. 

That was when he surprised me.  That Valentines Day he got me (what he calls) The Cuddle Kit. It insisted of chocolates, wine, a few beers for him and a few other goodies that cost next to nothing that he knew not only I but WE would love and be able to share together. He even stuck a pack of cards we already owned and also our Netflix remote in the kit.  We ended up sipping wine, eating chocolates, playing games and cuddling to a romantic movie.

My point is, we sometimes forget when we are shopping for our loved ones that it is not about the dollar amount you spend, the size of the gift or what brand it is. What matters most is knowing that person well enough to get them something that they will appreciate. In my opinion its the memory of the gift, that counts, not the price.