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Amazing Wedding Planning Tips Just For You ~ XO

#2 Focus on the details and the little touches that will really enhance your guests' comfort and enjoyment throughout the day

I know this day is your day.  But ensuring your guests will have an amazing day will simply keep you happy as well. When planning your décor think about what will be attractive to the guests.  Maybe a photo booth or a popcorn stand? Be creative and have something unique for your guests so they leave your wedding with an everlasting memory.


#4 Choose the right suppliers

Event Planning in Vancouver has a very high competition rate.  The industry is booming and there are thousands of different suppliers in the area.  I got lucky.  I am currently a member of the Soiree Lounge which has its own selection of amazing vendors who all work together to make these events perfect. Its a wedding hub which has a vendors such as event planners to make up artists to caterers. When a bride comes my way, I have a selection of guaranteed vendors with outstanding reputations to work with and share the experience with.

#1 Create a day that is unique and special for you as a couple

It doesn't need to be the event of the year, cost you a fortune or impress anyone but yourselves. This day is about you and the person you are saying I Do to. Its about the everlasting bond you are binding while exchanging your vows.  When your planning your special day, ensure to tailor it to your love story only.



#3 Build up excitement ahead of the day by helping your guests to be involved

Your wedding is all consuming during the final planning stages but for your guests, it’s probably still a distant event that they have a vague nagging sense of needing to buy a new outfit for. It’s important to be realistic about how big a day your wedding will be for everyone else but you can also take steps to build up excitement and engagement for your day. For example - A wedding website can be a great way to involve your guests; you don’t want to give away all your secrets before the day but little ideas like asking guests to contribute a song for the reception playlist is a simple yet effective way to ensure people feel involved and build a sense of anticipation.


#5 End on a high with a final farewell to your guests

Treat your wedding day as an experience and think about all stages, including how you can finish your day off with a final flourish for your guests. It doesn't have to be big and showy, it could be as simple as a beautifully presented midnight snack and a night cap handed out at the end of the night. Or if all your guests are staying locally or at the same venue, then you could organise a relaxed brunch for the morning after before packing your guests off with a little goodie bag for their journey home.  Maybe even a hangover kit perhaps?