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Our Engagement Shoot with Jelger & Tanja Photography

I can not begin to express my feelings towards this engagement shoot. Leland and I both agreed that photography is one of the most important vendors to consider for our wedding. We both wanted to ensure that we were going to hire the best of the best! People we could trust to capture our memories and to make us feel comfortable during the process of posing in front of the camera. Jelger and Tanja were incredible. We had a little wine before we ventured around downtown Vancouver and shared a lot of laughs! I can't thank you two enough for making this experience so enjoyable for us. I also can not wait to see the memories you capture on our big day ~ xox


Third One's A Charm

My fiance and I went back and forth while choosing our venue. While we both have our own style, we still had common goals of what we wanted for our wedding. We wanted a place that has a natural beauty. A place that would be green and beautiful on the outside, yet somewhere warm and tasteful on the inside. 

Our first thoughts were perhaps marrying on his parents property in Pemberton B.C. My fiances father built their family home on this beautiful property with gorgeous landscapes, horses and a view of the mountains that are breathtaking. It was definitely a great option, but the resources were not fully there so we decided to keep looking.

Our second choice was a venue we found in North Vancouver. It is actually a beautifully restored and refurbished BC Ferry Ship located near Lonsdale Quay. The biggest attraction we found with this venue was the panoramic view of the downtown city skyline along with the North Shore Mountains. The venue itself was private and serine. It has attributes that both my husband to be and myself adored, but it still did not feel like the perfect fit for us. 

Our third choice struck us as soon as we parked in the beautiful driveway. Filled with flowers, remarkable stone structures and this heritage house that makes you swoon once you see it. We both smiled because we knew that neither of us had to compromise. It had the home feel with natural life surrounding the property that was important to my fiance. It has the classic feel that compliments my tastes in the perfect way I imagined our wedding venue would. We toured the venue inside and out and neither of us wanted to look any further. We decided right then and there that we were going to get married at Cecil Green Park House on May 13th, 2017

One Million Times Yes ~ Our Engagement Story

It was the most random day. July 17, 2015. My boyfriend got a call from his boss saying he got the day off. It was right in the middle of wedding season and I was working so much, I jumped at the opportunity to clear my schedule and take the day off with him. So I did, and we thought to make the most of it.  We went to the one place in Vancouver B.C. that always seems to be quiet and peaceful. We just seem to luck out every time we go there and for the past three years it has been our spot! Our place to go, where we overlook the ocean and just breathe in the salt water air alone. We went to Lighthouse Park. 

I started getting ready and I heard him ruffling around in our kitchen. He was cutting up a bunch of vegetables to take with us, filling up water bottles of white wine and packing beers into his backpack. Not going to lie, I was ecstatic. Healthy snacks, white wine, ocean and just him and I. Oh and of course our little dog Kokanee. 

When we got there, again we were all alone. We spread out our blanket, put on some music and just hung out. Two hours, a few drinks and a lot of laughs later, that was when he did it. 

He took my phone and put on my favourite slow song. He then said "Jen, I want to spend the rest of my life with you." I looked at him and kind of laughed but told him how I felt. I told him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him too. 

That was when he got up, and started to pull something out of his back pack. To be honest I thought nothing of it. I had zero idea what was coming next. But then he pulled out a little white box and he was down on one knee, facing me. He opened that little white box and there was the most perfect ring I had ever seen. He said "Jennifer, will you spend the rest of your life with me?" Tears started spilling down my cheeks as this rush of love, electricity and joy surged through me. And I only had one answer...

One million times YES!

A Wish to Wed Society

When I first heard of A Wish to Wed Society I felt so lucky that I personally knew the people who created this Non-Profit Organization. Tanja and Jelger. A married couple who share a passion in photography and express their passion through each photo they take. Kim Trehan. An inspiring  entrepreneur of so many things and an amazing mentor to me and I am sure to so many others.  Neet Aujla. A makeup artist and hair stylist who turns beauty into absolutely stunning with her techniques and tastes. And last but not least Tianna Tran. Another passionate makeup artist who uses her skills to make people feel beautiful, inside and out. 

These five entrepreneurs created A Wish to Wed Society together. And that society grants matrimonial wishes to couples challenged by deteriorating health of one of its partners. Whether its a wedding or a vow renewal, together they plan fundraisers throughout the year to ensure one couple has something amazing like this to smile about. 

Recently they have asked me to help them in the planning process. Not only was it an honor but it is also heart wrenching to see them strive to grant each couples wish and show their positive attitudes while planning to create funds for a wedding that is not their own, but for someone else. What could be more selfless than that?

I am going to ask all my readers for a favor. And I hope you all take the time to do this favor for me as it will be so small but mean so much to them who are trying to do better for others

1) Go to their Facebook Page: A Wish to Wed and like them. 

2) Go to their website: and take a look at their upcoming events. Fab 50's is coming up on June 12th and you know what? I can guarantee its going to be a) a rewarding experience and b) a party you won't want to miss. ~ xoxo

10 Reasons To Say I Love You

Valentines Day is that one day of the year when you just get to say I love you. Its that one day where you get to shower your partner with hugs and kisses and it is a time to think about why you're with the person you're with. 

I am going to list the ten things I love about my partner and why I want to shower him with love this Valentines day.

  1. He makes me laugh constantly
  2. He works hard at his job and earns his living
  3. He allows me to follow my dreams even though I can be a roller coaster
  4. When I am being unreasonable, he is not shy to put me in my place
  5. He cares for my dog and now treats him as his own
  6. He respects and loves his family
  7. He puts on a pretty good face when surrounded with me and my girlfriends
  8. When I look into his eyes, I see kindness, warmth and love
  9. He is so smart and still is so interesting to have conversations and debates with
  10. He is the most honest person I have ever met

After you read this, think about your loved one.  Write down the 10 reasons why you love and honor your relationship and this Saturday, share those reasons with him.  That person deserves to know ~ xoxo


The Cuddle Kit

When it comes to gift shopping for my other half, it seems to be hit or miss on whether its a piece of cake or if I am roaming through the mall and searching every store for the perfect gift.  Sometimes I know in advance (mainly because he has specifically told me). Sometimes I see something on Pinterest and I'm like YES! Thats it!!! But most times, I am at loss and wish I could just wrap our puppy up and say SURPRISE. However, not only is that animal cruelty but he would also assume its a joke and I would be back to square one. 

That was when he surprised me.  That Valentines Day he got me (what he calls) The Cuddle Kit. It insisted of chocolates, wine, a few beers for him and a few other goodies that cost next to nothing that he knew not only I but WE would love and be able to share together. He even stuck a pack of cards we already owned and also our Netflix remote in the kit.  We ended up sipping wine, eating chocolates, playing games and cuddling to a romantic movie.

My point is, we sometimes forget when we are shopping for our loved ones that it is not about the dollar amount you spend, the size of the gift or what brand it is. What matters most is knowing that person well enough to get them something that they will appreciate. In my opinion its the memory of the gift, that counts, not the price.

Amazing Wedding Planning Tips Just For You ~ XO

#2 Focus on the details and the little touches that will really enhance your guests' comfort and enjoyment throughout the day

I know this day is your day.  But ensuring your guests will have an amazing day will simply keep you happy as well. When planning your décor think about what will be attractive to the guests.  Maybe a photo booth or a popcorn stand? Be creative and have something unique for your guests so they leave your wedding with an everlasting memory.


#4 Choose the right suppliers

Event Planning in Vancouver has a very high competition rate.  The industry is booming and there are thousands of different suppliers in the area.  I got lucky.  I am currently a member of the Soiree Lounge which has its own selection of amazing vendors who all work together to make these events perfect. Its a wedding hub which has a vendors such as event planners to make up artists to caterers. When a bride comes my way, I have a selection of guaranteed vendors with outstanding reputations to work with and share the experience with.

#1 Create a day that is unique and special for you as a couple

It doesn't need to be the event of the year, cost you a fortune or impress anyone but yourselves. This day is about you and the person you are saying I Do to. Its about the everlasting bond you are binding while exchanging your vows.  When your planning your special day, ensure to tailor it to your love story only.



#3 Build up excitement ahead of the day by helping your guests to be involved

Your wedding is all consuming during the final planning stages but for your guests, it’s probably still a distant event that they have a vague nagging sense of needing to buy a new outfit for. It’s important to be realistic about how big a day your wedding will be for everyone else but you can also take steps to build up excitement and engagement for your day. For example - A wedding website can be a great way to involve your guests; you don’t want to give away all your secrets before the day but little ideas like asking guests to contribute a song for the reception playlist is a simple yet effective way to ensure people feel involved and build a sense of anticipation.


#5 End on a high with a final farewell to your guests

Treat your wedding day as an experience and think about all stages, including how you can finish your day off with a final flourish for your guests. It doesn't have to be big and showy, it could be as simple as a beautifully presented midnight snack and a night cap handed out at the end of the night. Or if all your guests are staying locally or at the same venue, then you could organise a relaxed brunch for the morning after before packing your guests off with a little goodie bag for their journey home.  Maybe even a hangover kit perhaps?


That One Perfect Person

Do you ever ask yourself if your significant other is the one? If he is your soul mate? 

In past relationships I have asked myself those very questions. Although I was happy and felt love for those people, something inside me knew they were not the ones I was going to end up with.

When I met my perfect person, I had a feeling I had never experienced before. It was more than just that "honeymoon stage" excitement. It was an overwhelming feeling that I was now complete.

Years have gone by and trust me we have had our fights. Our ups and our downs. But the one thing we have had throughout our relationship is this undeniable true love for each other. When I am with him, I forget the world for a while. I forgot about the bills, the stress at work that week and the complications the world shoots out at us. When I am with him all I know is that I have become one of those people who were lucky enough to find  their one perfect person.

So if you have to ask yourself those questions that we all ask ourselves at some point. Be honest, if he's the one you will know. And if you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you could love the right one.